Sacred Animal Connection, LLC 


Supporting a life-long bond between humans and their animal companions through shamanic-style animal communication.


trained dog at sunset


Some of the most precious and sacred relationships in our lives exist between us and our animal companions.  These relationships change us, expand us, challenge us, and break our hearts open in ways we could never have imagined.

Additionally, with these sacred relationships comes much responsibility, learning, and discovery.

Sacred Animal Connection, LLC was formed by Deb Matlock to support you and your animal companions from adoption through end of life.

Through shamanic-style animal communication and animal companion loss support, Sacred Animal Connection is here to support you as you love and care for your animal companions and as you embark on the amazing and sacred journey of living life together.


a special and serene moment as a girl is lovingly hugging her German Shepherd Dog, silhouetted against the sunsetting sky





In June 2018, Sacred Animal Connection will be joining ranks with Wild Rhythms, LLC.

Please stay tuned for the re-launch!

Until then, we will be closed so we can focus on getting everything ready.  If you are in need of animal communication session before June, please contact Deb at 303-588-8423 or deb@sacredanimalconnection.com