Animal Communication



Just as we are on spiritual journeys, our animal companions are also on spiritual journeys of their own. Deb offers a unique type of spiritual work for animals combining shamanic-style journeys and animal communication.

This work includes communicating directly with your animal companion as well as his or her spirit Helpers.  In all cases, this work is done with respect and honor to the wishes of your animal companion and should be considered a valuable tool of connection.

This work can assist in behavioral issues which may stem from emotional circumstances or other forms of trauma and can also provide general guidance to assist you in creating the best possible home and life experience for your animal companions. Additionally, this work can be powerfully valuable during end of life situations.  In many cases, this work can be useful as a complement to traditional veterinary or behavior training work, but is in no way a substitute for veterinary care.  Please be sure to consult your veterinarian regarding health concerns with your animal companion.

Animal sessions are done over the phone and are $85 and last approximately one hour.  Sessions are recorded so you can refer back to them later.

A package of 4 animal sessions is $300.  You can use all 4 sessions with the same animal or split up the package to use with different animals.  This is great for multi-animal families.  These sessions must be used within 4 months and the entire amount is due prior to the first session.


If you have questions, please contact Deb.


To purchase and schedule a session or package, please see the online scheduler at:


“When H. came to me as a foster dog, I realized I was heading into new territory.  Although I had much advice about handling and training, Deb’s connection with H. provided insight and understanding of his needs and wishes that helped sustain me as I helped him toward recovery. I am so grateful that Deb was there for H. and for me.” – Pam Waidler, English Springer Rescue America,


“Our sessions with Deb have been invaluable in understanding not only what was bothering our rescue dog, but also what our dog wanted and needed from us. Deb gave us insight into our dog’s perspective, and ideas and options for how best to proceed.  After every session, our dog was happier and more responsive. Deb’s expertise helped us resolve behavioral issues and deepen our connection, as well as helping us grow and evolve as pet parents. Sometimes when you don’t understand what’s happening or how to resolve the issues, the only solution is to ask the animal. Through Deb we were able to do that, and we are very grateful to have worked with such a gifted communicator.  It was a fantastic experience for all of us, human and animal alike!”  –C.M., Mother, Centennial, Colorado